Montana COVID-19 Resources

It can be challenging to know where to find credible and current facts about COVID-19. The following websites are reliable sources for up-to-date local, state and national information.

Local Resources

Lincoln County Health Department

Visit the Lincoln County Health Department Website

City/County Board of Health for Lincoln County

Visit the Lincoln County Board of Health Website

Local Frequently Asked Questions

View the Lincoln County Board of Health FAQ (PDF)

Community Resources

View Community Resources (PDF)


State Resources

Montana COVID-19 Map

Visit the Montana COVID-19 Map Online

Montana COVID-19 Information

Visit the DPHHS COVID-19 Website

Governor’s COVID-19 Website

View the Governor’s COVID-19 Website

Governor’s COVID-19 Mask Mandate Resources

Resources for masks and face coverings including downloadable and printable signs for businesses.
View the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force Resources Website

COVID-19 in Montana Schools

View the Montana DPHHS Montana School Information Online
(Click on link at the top of the page for most recent PDF)

Hospital Occupancy in Montana

View the Montana DPHHS Montana Hospital Occupancy Online
(Click on link at the top of the page for most recent PDF)

Montana Aware

Visit Montana Aware Website

Health in the 406

Visit Health in the 406 Online

Consumer Complaint Form

View or File a Consumer Complaint Form Online


National Resources

CDC COVID-19 Data Tracker

View the CDC COVID-19 Tracker Online

CDC Mask Information

View the CDC Mask Information Website

COVID-19 Nutrition Resources

View the COVID-19 Nutrition Resources on the CDC Website

COVID-19 Information Links

Avoiding COVID-19

Staying Healthy

COVID-19 Testing


Quarantine and Isolation


Reopening and guidance for businesses

Business Guidance

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