How is the Health Department working with event organizers to keep people safe?

Public and private gatherings are a significant contributor to the spread of COVID-19. Because of this, the Health Department recommends against any indoor events of greater than 25 people to slow the spread, prevent severe COVID-19 illness/death, maintain the capability of hospitals to provide optimal care, and allow in-school learning.

Does the six feet of physical distance apply to families or members of the same household?

No. Per Governor Bullock’s Phase 2 directive issued on May 19th, physical distancing guidelines for groups and gatherings do not apply to household members.

Does the Health Officer have the authority to cancel events?

Yes, the Health Officer does have the authority to cancel events. See the following for Montana Code Annotated.
50-2-118. Powers and duties of local health officers. In order to carry out the purpose of the public health system, in collaboration with federal, state, and local partners, local health officers or their authorized representatives shall:
(2) take steps to limit contact between people in order to protect the public health from imminent threats, including but not limited to ordering the closure of buildings or facilities where people congregate and canceling events

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